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Oscar Grant that wish

February 15, 2009
Donald Judge takes photo in court

Donald Judge takes photo in court

Oscar Grant III,  22 yr old man killed by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police in subway terminal in Oakland, CA on January 1st, 2009.
even if the officer did think he was reaching for his taser, he still shot and killed Oscar Grant.  The action is inexcusable.   You can clearly see Oscar Grant was being held down by a cop’s leg and another cop was behind him.  The cop behind him stands up, pulls his gun and shoots Oscar Grant III in the back.  The bullet goes through his back, and ricochets from the subway floor into his lung.

A blog I found for Oscar Grant rantings.   sparse activity, but there are tons of people’s rants on the cellphone videos

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Full Coverage of the Oscar Grant killing

article from San Francisco Chronicle with interesting theories about where the case could go.

another SFC article about Oscar Grant’s funeral and some memories of him. Oakland Mayor Dellums’ right hand man gives a statement.

Great Oscar Grant Wikipedia page with image.  Contains information on the piggly, Johannes Mehserle, who shot Grant.  Johannes resigned the wednesday after the shooting. He was charged with murder and put in jail with bail set at $3 Million. He has posted bond and was released from Santa Rita Jail.

According to the Wikipedia, there have been protests causing $200,000 in damage and cops arrested more than 100 people.
Bobby Seale (Black Panther co-founder) spoke against the riots, comparing them as useless as the riots for Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.  Seale also said, “Give people the power to investigate the police. These so-called police review boards are not the name of the game.”



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